Covid-19 pandemic had infected the world including Timor-Leste and caused numbers of death. According to the official number, new cases had multiplied from 100 to around 1,000 cases in the last month which had impacted the health system of Timor-Leste which is fragile.

A week after the Inundation in Timor-Leste of the fourth of April 2021 had caused 42 people died. More than 30,000 inhabitants affected directly of inundation and landside which caused the inhabitants had to evacuate themselves to be be safer of them self and the family. Offices, hall of schools and churches became emergency of evacuation centre. Halls of Don Bosco in Comoro; Salesian Nuns in in Comoro and Balide; CVTL Offices; EBF 5 de Maio Comoro; and Balide Church turned to be centre of evacuation.

There were 24 households with 98 habitants composed of 56 female; 42 male; children under 5 years old; 7 pregnant mothers; 12 breast feeding mothers; and two people with deficiency in the CVTL main office.


In The second day of raining, some kids were in centre of evacuation of main office CVTL started look for the parents and relatives to be cuddled or for more comfortable feeling. Based on that observation, the volunteers start thinking to avoid the kids from trauma. Is the flood happening again? If happening now, where we going?

They heard a kid asking the mother,” Is another rain like yesterday happening again? Will the flood be happening?

Based on the observation, a few following days, two youth volunteer of CVTL (Tety and Sonya) had came to the Centre of Evacuation at CVTL where some kids were in a very silent and calm corner.

Teti greets the kids loudly,” Hey kids, how are you?”

No one had responded.

Tety tried greeted them in another word,” Who wants to go to school?”

A kid responds,” My school had been inundated!”

“We are in Covid so no school!” said another kid.

Tety and Sonia respond softly,” Let’s go to a school next door, it is not inundated.”

Four kids following them to the other hall.

On the way to the hall, Tety and Sonya were singing the song “We are in the car of Love (Ita sae kareta domin nian) and clapping their hands. The kids were doing too so it woke up the others whom were on their mattress and follow them to the other hall.


When all of the kids had sit and had a piece of paper, they drew anything the love. Every one loves their family. All of them stick the drawing as it has finished.

There were two different paintings. 

Tety: “Hey Mika, what did you draw?’”

Mika: “I draw my Father, mother, and my younger one.”

This had confused this young lady as in this picture handed by Mika only a house, nothing else. Calmly, Tety asked the kid the location of the house of father and mother.


Other activities were organized from 6 to 11 April 2021. The CVTL Youth share information how to prevent the flood. They share the benefit of the rain to the planet.

Based on the observation, before leaving the CVTL on the 12 April 2021, the kids seemed happy. Since the activity organized by the Youth the kids are ore active in the area of the CVTL compare to the days before.


Writer : Tety

Translater  : Jorge & Nichola Hungerford

Editor : Jorge & Nichola Hungerford



 The Hidden Words


On the 4th of April 2021,  Matias de Jesus,- 28 years old, and his wife Angelita,24 years old, are doing their normal with their daughter in Aldeia Lemorana, Suco Dare, Administrative Post Vera Cruz, Dili District.

They live happily and very harmonic in a 10x10 m2 half bricks wall house expecting a new baby who is still in the mother’s womb. Matias had constructed the house when was working in a shop in Dili. He raised as well a local pig; local chicken and duck; and planting some trees around their property.

In the evening of fourth of April, Matias brought his pig to a neighbour’s property. Usually he just keeps it in his own.

Then they had dinner and continued having a rest. Then, the raining started and continued pouring torrentially.

Matias explained, the rain was heavier in the middle of the night. He woke his wife and daughter up then brought them to a neighbor’s house as located on a higher place. Another reason, the wife was pregnant and counting days to deliver the baby.

 “My house was completely washed out by the flood, including the outdoor kitchen,” said Matias.

And Angelita added,”This recently rain ruined our house. We brought some a few clothes and some documents. I had prepared these documents before. At the time my priority was had to be move away of our house.”

Matias continued,"As we were in the neighbor’s house for a while, I checked our property. The flood had started washing away the plants; the chicken and ducks; and the fruit trees as the Rambutan. My house was completely washed away, including the outdoor kitchen.”

“My wife could not sleep as watching the condition of our house. I told her that no needs to think too much about it.  Our lives are the most important.”

“And the flood starting washed the property of other neighbors. Seven house of them in total.”

Angelita said as that their neighbors were evacuated to a shelter in Balide.

Mario was very upset as he is not a permanent worker and now do not work anywhere in Dili

“I am very sad but do not want to think about it too much as it could gives us bad impact.  

We were in a neighbor’s house for two days and keep looking after the save pig and the three chicken before moving to a shelter provided by the government.

Angelita said,”We were the Fire Department Office for a while  and then moved to The CVTL as I was pregnant.”

They are at the CVTL for 6 days already.

 “I feel save in CVTL as close to a clinic. The CVTL had provided a space for sleeping, the matras, clothes for kids, food for breakfast until dinner, access to a bathroom. Everything is good,” said Angelita.

Angelita added that she had planning to back to her house but will stay for a while in a neighbor’s house will start rehabilitate their property whom. The neighbor had welcome them.

“Yesterday (11/04/2021) we heard that will be moved to the Escola Xina. We are going home as prefer to be in CVTL.”

On the 11th Angelina was feeling like to be delivering soon. She was transported to the hospital at 21.04pm with a car. The baby was provided by the CVTL with blanket, diapers, clothes, and others supplies”.

Matias was upset with the situation but the presence of the baby boy had cheered them.

In a happy face Matias said,” My house was totally washed away by the flood but happy at the moment as the presence of the baby even in the shelter of evacuation. Sad feel sad too because I don’t know where to stay as our house been washed away.”

And Angelita had added,” I am happy for the baby born in a normal process but sad as well with this situation. Nothing to say more.”

On the 12th Matias and the other 24 families had been reintegrated to their community from the CVTL even had to stay for a while in a closer neighbor in Dare. Matias and the other families had been assisted with some basic supplies from the CVTL.


Writer : Age Magno

Translater  : Jorge & Nichola Hungerford

Editor : Jorge & Nichola Hungerford



This is how Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste has better understand of community situation, knowledge, information needs on Covid-19. Through the community perception survey/ interview, it can empower in the decision- making process as well as plan development. 

This result was extracted to a useful information report by CVTL and IFRC Risk Communications and Community Engagement great team for Covid-19: Tetty Marlinda Rajagukguk Pasquelita Cruz Septian Fajar with a fully support of Caroline Austin!


Clean, cool, accessible water – A Good News Story

Every day, we are bombarded with terrible stories from across the world. The COVID pandemic, landslides, earthquakes, and war– all resulting in tragic outcomes. But here in our small country of Timor-Leste, Red Cross has brought help to two small villages, and giving us a good news story.


In the south-west of Timor-Leste, there is a small community of Lela village (Holpilat in the Municipality of Covalima – near the Indonesia border), and their lives have been turned around.


Alzira da Costa, was tired and worried; they had no access to clean water. “We were in a lot of trouble. We had to travel a long way to collect water from the river. We would often have to wait our turn to get clean water. Sometimes after we collected it we would have to carry it a long way to our homes. We would help each other and share the load – but there was never enough water.”


“Sometimes we would have to pay $2 (USD), for a motorbike to carry us 25 litres… $2 is a lot of money for our poor village. Students went to school without being able to bathe. Sometimes there would be fights in homes, because there was not enough water. The most serious resulted in a divorce, because of the constant wait to get water; sometimes from noon until the next morning.”


“But now our life has turned around. Thanks to the CVTL (Red Cross Timor-Leste) we now have water in our village. We have six water taps and a schedule for when we can collect the water. We no longer need to walk down to the river. Our children are clean when they go to school – and our clothes are no longer dirty!”


Terezinha da Costa, from Hatu village in the same area tells a similar story. “Sometimes we had to wait overnight to get the water from the river, as there were so many people there from both villages of Hatu and Lela. But we no longer have that problem, and we have more time to do other important tasks. Now, even in the dry season we have water. We just need to walk a few steps from our house, and we have cool clean water. We are so happy.”


Late last year, IFRC and Timor- Leste Red Cross were in Covalima Municipality monitoring the implementation of the ICBRR program about bringing clean water to these villages, and helping people’s daily lives.