Prime Minister to attend CVTL Water Inauguration

11th March, 2017, Fahiten. The Prime Minister of Timor-Leste will join CVTL in the village of Fahite to inaugurate a water supply system today. This water system is a much needed project and will benefit 54 households in the village of Fahite (Aldeia Mausoi, Suku Tibar).

The project started some years ago, when the head of the village approached CVTL (Cruz Vermelha de Timor Leste – Red Cross Timor-Leste) to ask for help in getting in a water supply system for their village. CVTL has provided numerous water systems in remote villages, with our technicians working alongside community volunteers, with support from CVTL water team

In the past, the women would have to travel one hour to collect water and bring back to their homes, sometimes two or three times per day, now they can go to a community water spot.

The strength of our programme is that CVTL and the local community work hand-in- hand on the project until completion. A highly skilled, local Red Cross water team stays in the village to assist and oversee the construction.  This is followed by a team of local volunteers from the community have been trained to maintain water and sanitation systems in their village.

“CVTL has a very high success rate in our water projects in Timor-Leste because we work so closely together from the very beginning,) said Januario Ximenes, CVTL Secretary General.

In Fahiten, 277 people (130 women and 147 men) will benefit from this project – and the lives of these people will become a little easier.

“We are very excited that the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste has joined us once again to celebrate the completion of another water project. We would like to thank the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Minister Social Solidarity (MSS) for this very special day for the people of Fahite,” concluded Mr Ximenes.


For more information, contact: 

Mr Januario Ximenes, CVTL Secretary General - 7725 1334

Mr. Estanislau Guterres, CVTL Communications Coordinator – 7723 1421