CVTL and Lautem Municipality meet to discuss new Programme

On April 2, 2024, in Lospalos, the Coordinator of CVTL’s Lautem Branch, Mr. Luis Manuel Pereira, met with Mr. Melio de Jesus, the President of the Municipal Authority (PAM). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss CVTL’s plans with the Municipality of Lautem, including healthcare education and natural disaster preparedness, through the Community Based Early Warning System (CBEWS).ย 

Mr. Pereira outlined the program, which will be in two Administrative Posts of Lautem: Daudere Village and Luro (Afabubu Village). The discussions highlighted the importance of coordinated efforts between CVTL and local authorities, particularly in addressing emergency scenarios. The targeted approach in the two villages is to focus on the vulnerable around health and environmental risks.

The meeting concluded with a mutual understanding between CVTL and the Municipality of Lautem, underlining the shared commitment to community welfare, with the hope of meaningful impact and positive outcomes in enhancing the resilience of Lautem’s residents against health and environmental challenges.

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