First Aid

Millions of people are hurt or killed by injuries every year due to inadequate response or lack of timely assistance. Taking immediate action and applying the appropriate techniques, while waiting for professional help, can considerably reduce deaths and injuries, and the impact of disasters and everyday emergencies. First aid is not a replacement for emergency services. It is a vital initial step for providing effective and swift action that helps to reduce serious injuries and improve the chances of survival.

As part of its national emergency response role, CVTL has positioned itself as the preferred First Aid provider in Timor-Leste in the last five years. Through both the CBHFA program and Commercial First Aid (CFA), CVTL has contributed to a substantial increase in people and communities with knowledge of basic first aid principles and practices. The capacity to administer first aid ensures vulnerable communities are aware and able to respond in emergency situations and save lives.

CFA started in 2011 as part of CVTL’s Resource Mobilisation Plan and has since provided training to businesses, INGO’s, NGO’s and almost 1,500 people in government departments and emergency services. CFA staff and trained volunteers also supported 96 public events with first aid services. Scenario-based training and disaster simulations were held annually to mark World First Aid Day, which aims to build public awareness of the importance of first aid skills.


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