To combat high rates of malnutrition, CVTL conducted a nutritional educational program, with a special focus on maternal and children under-five. Working predominantly with women as the primary family caregiver, trained staff advised on nutritional, balanced diets that were designed around locally available foods and within the framework of the pre-existing family food budget.

New mothers were given educational material around the value of breast-feeding and the benefit it has over formula powders that have become increasing relied upon. Staff demonstrated good breast-feeding techniques and instruction for nutritional food preparation after the recommended breast-feeding period of six months.

All training sessions concluded with a cooking demonstration using a wood stove, which has the additional health and cost benefits of decreased smoke inhalation and lower consumption of wood, compared to the widely used open fire. In total more 1,100 mothers attended these sessions increasing their awareness around nutrition and providing practical solutions to improve the health of their family.