Through its network of branches, CVTL is present in each of Timor-Leste’s 13 Districts. It continuously provides much-needed assistance to communities, particularly in the remote rural areas where the humanitarian needs of people remain high.

In 2014, CVTL inaugurated its first National Headquarters building and also completed rehabilitation of 12 of our 13 branch offices.

The strengthening of its governance structures, and ongoing training of volunteers and staff ensures CVTL is well-placed to respond to humanitarian needs wherever and whenever they occur.

The leadership of the CVTL plays important role in the development of a range of operational policies and procedures that ensure its effectiveness and accountability.

National Governing Board (CDN) elected for the period of 2022-2026 
President: Mrs. Madalena F. Melo H. Costa Soares
Vice President: Mr. Marcal Freitas Magno
Secretary General: Mr. Luis Pedro Pinto
Youth President (2022 – 2024): Mr. Bonifácio Enclave Abi
Youth Vice President (2022 – 2024): Mrs. Abrana de Fátima Guterres


Disaster Management: Mrs. Emidia Belo
Health: Mr. João Pinto
Organization Development: Mr. Agapito da Silva
External Relations: Mrs. Vidiana Xareal
Youth: Mr. Vicenti Antonio
HR and Admin: Mr. Francisco de Carvalhao
Logistics: Mr. Eugenio Pinto
Finances: Mrs. Adelina Araujo
Secretary, CDN: Mr. Eduardo Lopes de Carvalho
Chairperson, CFN: Mr. Cecilio Fernandes
Members of CDN
: Mr. Aurelio Sergio Guterres
: Mrs. Serjinha F. da C. Silva
: Mr. João Tilman do Rego
: Mrs. Alita Soares
: Mr. Hélio Pereira Lobato
: Mr. Jose da Costa Monteiro
: Mrs. Joaquina da Cunha
Members of CFN:

: Mrs. Sonia Dinis de Almeida
: Mr. Caetano Correia Guterres
Rotating Members (2022-2024): 

: Mr. Marito da Costa
: Mr. Egidio Carceres Oliveira
: Mrs. Aguida Judit Mendonca
: Mr. Zaquiel Martins do Carmo