Water & Sanitation

Safe Water, sanitation and good hygiene behaviour is an essential fondation for a healthy life. Communities without these aspects in their daily lives are much more vulnerable to illness, have less time for livelihood activities and have greater economic disadvantage.

For these reasons, CVTL has a major focus on supporting community water, sanitation and hygiene (WatSan) projects as part of their mandate of improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in Timor-Leste. Since 2002, CVTL has supported 90 WatSan projects reaching over 64,000 beneficiaries, which have integrated disaster risk reduction and livelihoods activities since 2012.

CVTL’s approach is to work with target Suco in each district from a selection process based on vulnerability and feasibility. Following that, a Community Action Plan is produced based on needs. Most WatSan projects commence with the formation of a water user group (GMF) and construction of a gravity feed water supply system. Hygiene promotion activities and a model improved pour-flush pit latrine create the demand for sanitation so that when water is acce sible and sustainable household latrines are implemented, sustainable behaviour change results.

In an independant impact study conducted in 2014, a success rate of 86% for sanitation use was determined after 2-5 years since project completion, which validates CVTL’s policy of supporting non-local materials to those familes unable to finance an improved latrine but share everyone’s right to a life with dignity.

CVTL’s WatSan program is currently supported by the following partners: MSS, IFRC (KRC, BRC), ARC, NZRC, Groundwater For People, Reece Plumbing and Australian National University.