CVTL Bobonaro Branch Hosts 7th National Youth Assembly, Elects New Leadership

June 13-14, 2024, Bobonaro – The Youth and National Society Development Department of the Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) held the 7th National Youth Assembly in Maliana, Bobonaro. Representatives from all 13 CVTL branches participated, with each branch sending one male and one female delegate, totaling 27 participants.

The main objective of the assembly was to elect the Youth President and Vice President of CVTL for the 2024-2026 period. This important event brought together youth leaders from across the nation to discuss their roles in the organization’s future.

The assembly was inaugurated by key figures, including the President of the Bobonaro Municipality, the President of CVTL Bobonaro Branch, the Director of Youth of Bobonaro Municipality, the Commander of PNTL Bobonaro Municipality, the Secretary General of CVTL, and the outgoing Youth President of CVTL. Their presence underscored the significance of youth involvement in national development.

During the opening ceremony, the President of the Bobonaro Municipality congratulated CVTL for its commitment to involving and prioritizing youth. The Secretary General of CVTL emphasized the critical role that young people play in the future development of the organization.

Over the two-day assembly, the election process was conducted using an E-Voting application, ensuring a secret and democratic vote. This modern approach facilitated a smooth and transparent election.

The assembly culminated in the election of Domingas Fatima de Araujo from the Liquiça Branch as the new Youth President and Bonifacio Enclave Abi from the Oe-Cussi Branch as the new Youth Vice President. In her acceptance speech, the newly elected President, Domingas Fatima de Araujo, promised to represent the voices and interests of all CVTL youth within the organization’s governing board.

The successful election process highlighted the organization’s commitment to democratic principles and youth empowerment. The newly elected leaders were congratulated and encouraged to continue working towards a brighter future for all.

This significant event was made possible through funding from the Australian Red Cross (ARC), demonstrating the collaborative effort and support in empowering CVTL’s youth.

As the new leaders take on their roles, the CVTL community looks forward to seeing the positive impact they will make. The assembly has set a strong foundation for future youth leadership and participation in national development initiatives.

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