CVTL Bobonaro Conducts Comprehensive e-VCA Survey in Lebos Village

From June 10-12, 2024, the CVTL Branch in Bobonaro conducted an extensive Evaluation of Community Vulnerability and Capacity (e-VCA) survey in Lebos Village, Lolotoe Administrative Post, Bobonaro Municipality. This initiative aimed to assess and strengthen the community’s resilience against potential disasters. The survey’s findings will be used to create targeted action plans designed to improve preparedness and response capabilities.

The e-VCA survey identified specific risks and hazards facing the community, while also evaluating its strengths and available resources. By involving local residents in the assessment process, the initiative not only gathered critical data but also empowered community members through training and education. This participatory approach ensures that the resulting risk reduction plans are practical and tailored to the community’s unique needs.

A total of 51 participants took part in the survey, including 28 women and 23 men. Their active involvement was crucial in pinpointing vulnerabilities and contributing valuable insights into the community’s capacity to handle various threats. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of community engagement in disaster preparedness and resilience building.

In addition to identifying risks and creating action plans, the e-VCA survey also focused on monitoring and improving the effectiveness of interventions. By promoting collaboration among all stakeholders, the initiative aims to foster a culture of continuous improvement and shared responsibility. This approach not only enhances immediate response capabilities but also builds long-term resilience.

Supported by funding from the American Red Cross (AmCross), this initiative exemplifies the power of partnership in building safer and more resilient communities. The CVTL Bobonaro’s efforts in Lebos Village highlight the potential for similar projects to positively impact other vulnerable areas, ultimately contributing to a safer future for all.

Together, we can build a safer and more resilient future for everyone!

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