CVTL Water and Sanitation Team Overcomes Adversity to Improve Community Water Supply

In the challenging terrains of Watulari Administrative Posts in the Municipality of Viqueque, and the Fohorem Administrative Posts in Fatumea Municipality of Covalima, the CVTL (Timor-Leste Red Cross) technical water and sanitation team is tackling significant obstacles. Photos emerging from the field illustrate the team’s relentless efforts to ensure a reliable water supply to these communities, despite the harsh conditions.

The CVTL team is working under difficult circumstances, facing not only the physical challenges posed by the terrain but also the additional burden of adverse weather. Persistent rain has made the roads treacherous, complicating the transportation of essential supplies and equipment. Despite these setbacks, the team remains committed to their mission, demonstrating resilience and dedication.

Secretary-General of CVTL has publicly expressed his gratitude and admiration for the team’s unwavering commitment. Acknowledging the difficult working conditions, he commended their perseverance and the high quality of service they continue to deliver. He emphasized the importance of maintaining safety and caution while working in such demanding environments.

The Secretary-General’s message to the team also highlighted the limitations CVTL faces as an organization. Despite these constraints, the team’s efforts are yielding positive results. Their dedication is not only a testament to their professionalism but also to their compassion and commitment to improving the lives of the communities they serve.

In the Watulari and Fohorem regions, access to clean water has been a longstanding issue. The efforts of the CVTL team are crucial in addressing this fundamental need. Their work involves not just the installation of water supply systems but also the education of local communities on sanitation and hygiene practices, which are essential for public health.

The progress made by the CVTL team in these regions is a beacon of hope for the residents. It showcases how targeted, community-focused efforts can lead to substantial improvements in living conditions, even in the face of significant obstacles. The team’s achievements underscore the vital role of humanitarian organizations in addressing basic needs and promoting sustainable development.

As the CVTL team continues its work, their story serves as an inspiration. It is a powerful reminder of the impact dedicated individuals can have, even when resources are limited. The communities of Watulari and Fohorem are witnessing firsthand the transformative power of commitment and hard work, thanks to the tireless efforts of the CVTL water and sanitation team.

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