Community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment Conducted in Tazhilin Village

From June 25th to 27th, 2024, the CVTL Covalima Branch spearheaded a comprehensive community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (e-VCA) in Tazhilin Village, Zumalai Administrative Post, Covalima Municipality. This essential initiative aimed to gauge and identify the vulnerabilities and capacities of local communities and authorities to formulate effective action plans for disaster preparedness and resilience.

The primary objective of the e-VCA was to thoroughly assess the community’s vulnerabilities and capacities. By engaging local authorities and community members, the process sought to develop robust action plans focusing on disaster risk reduction and enhancing the community’s ability to respond to potential hazards. This collaborative effort aimed to foster a more resilient and prepared community, capable of facing future challenges.

Throughout the assessment, participants identified specific risks and hazards unique to Tazhilin Village. By involving the community and local authorities in the process, the initiative emphasized the importance of creating tailored action plans. These plans include practices for disaster risk reduction, training and educational programs, continuous monitoring, and improving intervention effectiveness. Additionally, the project promoted collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure comprehensive disaster preparedness.

The e-VCA in Tazhilin Village saw enthusiastic participation from the community and local authorities. A total of 51 individuals took part in the assessment, comprising 28 women and 23 men. This high level of engagement demonstrated the community’s commitment to building a safer and more resilient future.

Supported by funding from the American Red Cross (AmCross), the e-VCA highlighted the power of collective effort in disaster preparedness. By working together, the community of Tazhilin Village is better equipped to face future challenges, ensuring a safer environment for all.

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