Australia Red Cross (ARC) delegates, visited CVTL.

14 – 18 August, 2023 – Australia Red Cross (ARC) delegates, Ms. Siran Uhrig (Advisor Asia and Global) and Ms. Patrea Ryan (Finance Development Advisor) visited CVTL to follow on the progress of the implementation of activities which ARC support, and getting first-hand knowledge of the activities.

This included the delegates heading up into the mountains to Gleno, in Ermera Municipality to visit the Branch and meet the Coordinator Duarte de Deus Martins and his team of staff and volunteers. They talked about resource mobilization and saw directly the activities that the Branch is implementing. They shared ideas and activities from other National Societies; and the CVTL Ermera team talked about their challenges and what is needed to help bring in much needed income for the Branch.

Siran and Patrea met one on one with CVTL Secretary-General Luis Pedro Pinto, Department Coordinators, and the fundraising team to learn more about the implementation of ARC funding support – with a particular focus on PGI (Protection Gender and Inclusion), National Society Development, Disaster Risk Management, fundraising, capacity building, IT, operational costs and finance development.

This delegation also expressed their appreciation for CVTL’s on-going work to digitalize the CVTL’s administration system in including improving human resources.

CVTL and ARC have long been working together, as the one of the main partners of humanitarian affairs, with this visit to further strengthening cooperation in the future.

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