Community Resilience Prevails as CVTL Oecussi Branch Extends Aid to Flood-Affected Families

Oecussi, 21 February 2024 – In a collaborative effort, the CVTL Oecussi Branch, in conjunction with the Civil Protection Authority, mobilized resources to provide essential assistance to 58 families grappling with the aftermath of a devastating flood in Naimeko Village, Sub Regional Pante Makassar, RAEOA Municipality.

Mr. Marcos Liu Abi, Chief of Naimeko Village, conveyed his appreciation at the support received, stating that the timely intervention has significantly alleviated the suffering of the affected households.

CVTL Oecussi Branch staff and dedicated volunteers worked together with the Civil Protection Authority to deliver both food and non-food items to the flood-stricken community. The joint effort reflects the community’s resilience and the commitment of these organizations to stand by those in need during challenging times.

Naimeko Village, situated in the Sub Regional Pante Makassar, RAEOA Municipality, bore the brunt of the recent flood, necessitating immediate assistance. The targeted relief operation aimed to address the specific needs of the affected families and restore a sense of normalcy to their lives.

Mr. Marcos Liu Abi highlighted the significance of community solidarity, emphasizing that the support extended by CVTL Oecussi Branch and the Civil Protection Authority has not only met immediate needs but has also fostered a sense of unity among residents.

As the affected families begin the slow process of recovery, the collaborative response serves as a testament to the importance of community-driven initiatives. CVTL Oecussi Branch and the Civil Protection Authority’s joint efforts exemplify the power of local organizations to effect positive change and contribute to the broader goal of building a resilient and supportive community.

The relief efforts underscore the on-going commitment of CVTL Oecussi Branch and the Civil Protection Authority to the welfare of the community. As recovery efforts persist, these organizations remain steadfast in their dedication to supporting the affected families on their journey towards rebuilding and recover.

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