CVTL handed over the water project to the community in Belecasa, Covalima

On 18 May 2023, CVTL officially handed over a water project to the community in Duut and Busa Daun Hamlets (Belecasa Village) in Covalima Municipality. This important integrated project  provided a clean safe water supply to the community and included: watershed infrastructure; health awareness; and disease prevention; and disaster risk reduction.

With the support from the Government of Timor-Leste, (through the Ministry of Public Works), CVTL  and the community was successful in implementing the project in a short timeframe, from 7 March 2023 to 18 May 2023.

CVTL constructed a water supply base (1), a segmentation tank (1), three distribution tanks (3), a public water supply base (9) and installed a total of 4362 miter of pipe. This project benefits the community in Belecasa village, 157 families, (a total 881 people 503 females and 378 males).

At the inauguration, CVTL also handed over essential tools to the community maintenance group (GMF) for maintenance and any repairs needed for the water system; giving the project a long-term sustainable future. The project included maintenance training for the GMF.

Present at the event was the Minister of Public Works, Dr. Abel Pires da Silva,  Municipal Authority  of Covalima, BTL, EP, ANAS, CVTL Board Members and staff, the heads of the village and Hamlets,  and other community representatives.

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