CVTL participated in Regional Workshop-Global Crisis Data Bank

Timor-Leste Red Cross (CVTL) trough Disaster Management Coordinator and Timor-Leste National Directorate of Meteorology and Geophysics representative participated in Regional Workshop-Global Crisis Data Bank (GCDB) in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur on 26-29 September 2023.

The event was participated by seven national societies are from Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Fiji and IFRC CCD Suva, IFRC CCD Jakarta, IFRC APRO, IFRC Pakistan and Nepal; and the event was organized by the IFRC APRO-GCDB team and co facilitate by IFRC climate team, IFRC Anticipatory action and IFRC DREF team.

This workshop discusses more details about; Regional Workshop-Global Crisis Data Bank progress update, Regional Workshop-Global Crisis Data Bank at glance, global data research and methodology, country global data and methodology, IFRC climate and resilience, In country data collection and, validation workshop, Sharing session on project and budget planning, Potential plan for phase 2, Spatial map, climate change impact analysis and temporal risk, Introduction to Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF) and Anticipatory, Early Action Protocol (EAP) and imminent DREF, Country Anticipatory Action (AA) plan.

During the workshop CVTL present phase progress update (phase 1 Budget plan finalized and approved), have draft phase-2 potential plan, country data analysis in place, TL country data grid (identify potential reliable disaster data), Develop draft Imminent DREF.

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