CVTL Radio Highlights Valentine’s Day Spirit with CPR Awareness Campaign

Dili, 15 February 2024 – As the echoes of Valentine’s Day linger, CVTL, takes a heartfelt turn to focus on a different kind of love – the love for life. Today’s Talk show on Radio Metro 94.7 featured a discussion on the significance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Joaninha Jacob Mau and Meliana Cardoso, CVTL First Aid Trainers, shared insights on various aspects of CPR, shedding light on crucial differences between administering it to adults and children.

In the interview, the First Aid trainers talked about the key elements such as recognizing when CPR is needed, distinguishing between adult and child procedures, knowing when to cease resuscitation efforts, and emphasizing initial steps like ensuring the safety of the victim and promptly calling for an ambulance. The Talk show aimed to empower listeners with essential knowledge that could potentially save lives, reinforcing the idea that learning CPR is a way to express love and care for those close to us.

Encouraging all to take action, the trainers emphasized the profound impact CPR can have in emergencies, urging listeners to acquire this life-saving skill. The message resonated with the sentiment of Valentine’s Day – an opportunity to extend love beyond romantic gestures and into the realm of practical care and preparedness.

As the session concluded, Radio Metro 94.7, CVTL, left listeners with a poignant reminder to be proactive in safeguarding the well-being of loved ones – be it family, friends, or neighbours. The campaign echoed that learning CPR is not just a skill; it’s a gesture of love and responsibility, exemplifying the true spirit of Valentine’s Day beyond chocolates and flowers.

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