JICA and CVTL meeting about the progress of JICA Volunteer Support in CVTL

Representatives from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the  CVTL’s External Relation Coordinator and Youth Team convened in a collaborative meeting to assess the ongoing progress of JICA’s volunteer support initiatives in CVTL.

The meeting aimed to review the impact of JICA’s engagement in empowering  and enhancing the Youth Departments efforts within the CVTL organization. With a focus on sustainable development, JICA has been actively involved in deploying volunteers to share their expertise and skills, contributing to the growth and development of CVTL.

During the meeting, both parties acknowledged the positive outcomes achieved through the JICA volunteer programs, emphasizing the crucial role played by the volunteers in fostering and strengthening the Youth Department. This collaborative effort reflects the commitment of JICA to supporting CVTL’s journey towards self-reliance and prosperity by investing in the empowerment of its youth and the improvement of communication channels for effective community engagement.

As the partnership between JICA and CVTL continues to flourish, the representatives expressed optimism about the sustained positive impact of the volunteer programs on the CVTL. The meeting concluded with a commitment from both sides to further enhance their collaboration, ensuring the continued success of initiatives aimed at uplifting CVTL’s youth department and strengthening communication mechanisms for lasting positive change.

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