Mr. Estanislau Guterres and Ms. Sandra Da Cruz Reflect on CVTL’s Beginnings and Milestones on ‘Save Lives’ Talk Show”

Dili, July 4, 2024 – Twenty-four years ago, a small group of dedicated individuals came together with a vision to establish Timor-Leste’s own Red Cross organisation. Their dream became a reality with the founding of the Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL). Today, the organization stands as a pillar of hope and support for vulnerable communities across the nation.

In a recent episode of the “Save Lives” Talk Show on Radio Metro FM – Dili 94.7, two key figures in CVTL’s history shared their experiences and insights. Mr. Estanislau Guterres, CVTL Técnico Superior and one of the founding members, alongside Ms. Sandra Da Cruz, CVTL Bobonaro Coordinator, reminisced about the organization’s humble beginnings and its evolution over the years. They highlighted the relentless dedication and commitment that has driven CVTL’s mission forward.

Every year, CVTL commemorates its anniversary on June 22, a day dedicated to reflecting on its humanitarian efforts and achievements. This year’s celebration was particularly significant, as it underscored the organization’s ongoing commitment to assisting vulnerable populations. The event served as a platform to honor the tireless work of volunteers and staff who strive to make a difference in times of crisis.

A major highlight of this year’s anniversary was the strengthening of cross-border cooperation between CVTL and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). This collaboration aims to enhance humanitarian coordination and response during emergencies and disasters. By working closely together, CVTL and PMI are better equipped to provide timely and effective assistance, ensuring that no one is left behind in times of need.

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