Community Engagement Program in CVTL Enhances Disaster Preparedness and Health Education to the Community Leaders and Students in Lautem

Lautem, 2nd and 8th February 2024 – Being prepared before a disaster, is an important part of the work of Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL – Timor-Leste Red Cross). Recently, as part of a wide-ranging program in Lautem. Local leaders in Daudere and Afabubu Village were brought together to focus on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), while simultaneously engaging students from EBC Odoforu in discussions about Health Prevention, specifically addressing Dengue, Diarrhea, and ISPA.

Informative banners on Disaster Risk Reduction and health prevention were distributed to communities and students alike. The overarching objective of this outreach effort is to augment the understanding of DRR among local leaders. By equipping them with the knowledge to prepare for potential disasters in their regions, the initiative aims to fortify the community’s resilience. Additionally, the program seeks to raise awareness among students about the spread of diseases and effective preventive measures.

Mr. Tomas da Costa, the Director of EBC Afabubu, expressed his appreciation, I am very happy because this initiative increases the knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction for local leaders. It gives the knowledge and know-how, to assist their communities in adequately preparing for potential disasters. And at the same time, the program enhances students’ understanding of disease transmission and prevention strategies.”

This community engagement initiative underscores the commitment of CVTL to prioritize both disaster resilience and public health. By collaborating with local leaders and educational institutions, the program aims to create a more informed and prepared community, fostering a safer and healthier environment for all.

This collaborative effort, executed through the Secretary of State for Environment-AND IP, and underscores the dedication of CVTL to building resilient communities and promoting public health. By disseminating practical knowledge, the initiative seeks to create a more proactive and prepared populace in the face of potential challenges.

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