Cultural Dancing Competition at JUPRO

19.6.23 in  Darasula, Gariuai, Baucau

Cultural Dancing Competition at JUPRO

On a cold night, 100’s and 100’s of Red Cross volunteers are dressed warmly to watch the first night of the Cultural Dancing Competition.

The youth of each of the thirteen branches have been practicing daily to bring to the Youth Camp – traditional dances from their Municipality.

All the dances are different and are representative of their own culture in their Municipality, but based are based on harvesting rice or maize. Even though it was chilly – young men and women, wore traditional dress, again different from municipality to municipality. The colourful costumes are mostly tais (a hand-woven colourful material); feathered head dress for the men and Kaibauk for the women; sometimes sarongs and bright blouses.

There is great enthusiasm from the crowd watching their old and new friends perform.

The judges take their job very seriously and give good feedback. The judges are…

This will continue each night and the winner will be announced on CVTL Day – the last day of the Youth Camp.

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