Same but different – Youth are our future

CVTL’s Communications Manager Januario, met up with two Indonesian volunteers from our sister organisation PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) who were participants at this week’s JUPRO. Bernadus Thomas Aquino Aku who has been a PMI volunteer for eleven years and Albertina Susana Leto who has been a PMI volunteer for almost ten years.

Albertina: All my friends call me Ance. I love being here at JUPRO, it’s been so exciting. I’ve met people from everywhere – Oecusse, Maliana, Singapore, Korea… When we meet, we discuss the different activities and share our experiences as volunteers. We found CVTL’s activities are very similar to PMI, but Singapore and Korea are very different.

Bernadus: It is interesting to find that the activities that CVTL and PMI are the same. When talking to the other international participants from Singapore and Korea, I found they are very different. It’s been great talking to all the people here at JUPRO and finding out what they all do as Red Cross volunteers.

Albertina: I love being a volunteer – especially for the Reproductive Youth Programme. But we also do other things in my district like blood donation, disaster risk reduction and youth programmes.

Bernadus: I’ve been learning many things here at JUPRO especially about Timor-Leste Culture including the different traditional dances. Its been a great opportunity to see Timor-Leste which is a place in our shared history. It has been a good experience and CVTL looks after us well.

Albertina: I love the stage at JUPRO it is so nice. I love that people talk about themselves and where they are from when you meet them – I love hearing those stories – this is a great experience. Young People in Timor-Leste are very proactive. I am really enjoying myself here at JUPRO. I feel so lucky.

I want to encourage the youth at Red Cross to keep learning and teach and share with each other. Build your confidence and be motivated and confident to speak in public – we don’t need to be shy. For CVTL’s 23rd anniversary –  thank you and happy birthday!

Bernadus:  I hope that JUPRO continues on into the future – bigger and better – my hope is that CVTL keeps it going for the children.  For the Red Cross Youth – DON’T stop learning about Red Cross. Red Cross is in the hands of the Youth and they are our future.

Bernadus Thomas Aquino Aku is 43 years old and Albertina Susana Leto is 34 years old and they are volunteers with PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) in Indonesia. They are is attending the 4th CVTL Youth Camp, JUPRO (Juventude Productivu) in Baucau Municipality – with nearly 900 of Red Cross volunteers from across Timor-Leste, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. The theme of this JUPRO is “Highly Effective and Sustainable Humanitarian Action”.

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