“CVTL Baucau Branch Hosts Youth Assembly and Biannual Branch Assembly”

Baucau – On Friday, April 12th, 2024, the Baucau Branch of the Timor-Leste Red Cross (CVTL) convened its Youth Assembly alongside its Biannual Branch Assembly. The event marked a significant moment for youth involvement in community affairs and organizational governance.

During the Youth Assembly, the seventh election for delegates took place, determining representatives for the 2024-2026 term. Manuel Camilo Pires and Elviza Marta Carlos Florindo de Sousa emerged as the top vote-getters, securing their positions as the Presidents of Baucau Youth and delegates to the forthcoming National Youth Assembly.

Simultaneously, the Branch Assembly reviewed reports spanning the past two years (2022-2023), presented by the Branch Coordinator and subsequently approved by the CVTL Baucau Branch President. This reflection on past activities and achievements provided a foundation for future initiatives.

The event drew a diverse array of attendees, including notable figures such as the Chief of the Office of the President of Baucau Municipality, the Coordinator of CVTL Lauten Branch representing the CVTL Secretary General, and the President of the Municipal Directive Council, among others. Representatives from various sectors including education, civil protection, and youth organizations were also present, showcasing a collaborative effort toward community development.

In total, 82 participants engaged in the proceedings, with a balanced representation of 31 females and 51 males actively contributing to discussions and decision-making processes. The gathering exemplified a commitment to inclusivity and gender equity within the CVTL Baucau Branch and the broader community.

Furthermore, the event received support funding from the Australian Red Cross (ARC), underscoring the importance of international collaboration in advancing humanitarian efforts and empowering local communities.

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