CVTL Filial Bobonaro Volunteers Combat Dengue Fever in Bobonaro Municipality

Continuing to be  proactive curbing the spread of Dengue fever, volunteers from Bobonaro Branch of CVTL took to the community in Bobonaro Municipality of Maliana. The volunteers engaged in  door-to-door campaigns across the Administrative Posts of Balibo, Batugade, and Sanirin Village. Their mission: to educate communities about Dengue prevention measures and distribute essential resources.

The volunteers talked about the importance of eradicating mosquito breeding sites, to keep dengue at bay.  They also distributed Abate, a larvicide, for residents to place in large water sources which can be infested with mosquito larvae such as bathrooms and water containers. The volunteers undertook fumigation activities in high-risk zones, further fortifying the defence against Dengue transmission.

These  interventions were made possible through the generous funding provided by the Australian Red Cross (ARC). The collaboration between CVTL and ARC underscores the collective effort to address public health challenges and promote community well-being. As Dengue continues to pose a significant threat to public health, initiatives like these serve as crucial steps towards mitigating its impact and safeguarding vulnerable communities.

A special thanks to Bobonaro volunteers of CVTL  and for ARC for supporting this important work.

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