CVTL Establishes Community Disaster Risk Management Commission in Ermera’s Urahou Village

Ermera, April 16, 2024 – In another step towards disaster preparedness, the CVTL Ermera Branch initiated the establishment of a Community Disaster Risk Management Commission (KJRDS) in Urahou village, situated within the Administrative Post of Hatulia B, in Ermera Municipality.

The primary objective behind the formation of KJRDS is to facilitate and oversee Disaster Risk Reduction activities, along with coordinating responses to potential disasters within the village.

The event saw the active participation of key stakeholders, including the Operational Commander of the Civil Protection Authority (APC) for Ermera, as well as notable figures such as AmCross’s Mr. Sazzad Ansari, serving as the Interim Country Representative, and Mr. Dinis Gomes, the Manager of CVTL.

During the proceedings, CVTL used the opportunity to conduct dissemination sessions and awareness presentations, on disaster preparedness and the Civil Protection Law pertinent to the functioning of KJRDS.

The establishment of KJRDS marks an important step towards enhancing the resilience of Urahou Village against potential disasters, and underlines collaborative efforts of various organizations and community members in fostering a safer environment for all residents.

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