CVTL Oecussi Branch Acts Decisively to Support Fire-Affected Family in Masin Hamlet, Costa Village

On January 24, 2024, the CVTL Oecussi Branch, in collaboration with the Civil Protection Authority, demonstrated commendable agility and compassion in responding to a family crisis in Masin Hamlet, Costa Village, within the Sub Regional Pante Makassar, RAEOA Municipality. Following a devastating fire that led to the loss of a home, the dedicated team rapidly coordinated to provide essential support, ensuring the affected family received both vital food supplies and necessary non-food items in their time of distress.

This intervention is a testament to the CVTL Oecussi Branch’s dedication to community support and showcases the strength of partnership with the Civil Protection Authority. The seamless collaboration and heartfelt commitment of volunteers and staff in organizing and delivering aid is a clear reflection of the organization’s core values of empathy and service. This effort not only met the immediate needs of the affected family but also reinforced the sense of community solidarity and resilience.

The responsive and caring approach of the CVTL Oecussi Branch in this situation illustrates their enduring commitment to community welfare and emergency response. This incident highlights the importance of timely and coordinated efforts in alleviating human suffering and exemplifies the positive impact such initiatives have on strengthening community bonds in the face of adversity. #End

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