CVTL organized First Aid Training for Journalists

A two-day training for journalists was co-organized by the Communication Department of the Timor-Leste Red Cross (CVTL) and the International Committee of the Red Crossin Dare, Dili, Timor-Leste on 15-16 November 2016. Seven journalists from six media in Timor-Leste took part in the training, which was also attended by the Branch Coordinators of Timor-Leste Red Cross from 13 districts.

Supported by the ICRC, the event was attended by journalists from TVE.T, Timor Post, Timoroman, Radio Liberdare, Radio LianFoinsae, and Radio Jojo FM.They were introduced to the history of red cross, the activities of the ICRC globally and those of the CVTL in the country, as well as the basics of First Aid (FA). A discussion was also held at the end of the event on how to improve the cooperation between the CVTL and media.

“This training is important in providing the journalists with the basic knowledge of First Aid. On the other hand, we really want to improve our cooperation and coordination with the media in order to better promote our programs in the community and the CVTL as a national society,” said the CVTL Communication Coordinator, Estanislau Gutteres.

During the event, FA sessions were facilitated by the CVTL First Aid Trainers. CVTL CVhas been authorized by the government to carry out such a training. Participant from TVE.T, MericioPerreira, was particularly impressed by the First Aid Training where the participants were introduced to the basics of First Aid and were also involved in first aid simulations.

“The First Aid sessions were very important for us as journalists because we need to understand the basics of first aid. Very often we face emergency situations in the field, so the knowledge we receive will be very helpful when we need to intervene, or we, at least, can suggest a better response to such situations,” said Mericio.

First Aid Training was the first ever training organized by the CVTL for journalists since its establishment in 2000.

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