Decentralisation of Finances to Branches – Training Continues

Today is the last day of a three-day training with all the Branch Officers from all 13 CVTL Branches.

The training focused on financial policy and now the database is set up in all the branches and are all connected, this training includes transitioning the charted accounts. Previously everything was managed in National Headquarters, but now as part of the decentralisation of CVTL, this will make things faster and more accurate and of course a less burden on the Finance Department at NHQ.

Their trainer is Saiful – a MYOB ABSS consultant with Malaysia Red Crescent (MRC) Society, noted that the decentralization process for finances will need support and has a dedicated day for people to contact him with any questions and this will be combines with “AnyDesk” a remote application to help with the difficult issues. Also, a set of Frequently Asked Questions will be available. Rosalyn IFRC (finance development)

We would like to thank Roslyn, Saiful, Malaysian Red Crescent Society (technical support), IFRC and Australian Red Cross for supporting this important training.

For more photos of the training please click here;

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