Dili 09 January 2024. CVTL’s Disaster Response Team went into action amidst a massive downpour and flash flooding  to give emergency warnings to the community impacted by the flooding.

In a sudden turn of weather events, Dili, the capital city of Timor-Leste, experienced nearly two hours of relentless heavy rain, leading to flash flooding that inundated various parts of the city. The abrupt downpour, overwhelmed drainage systems, causing water levels to rise rapidly and catching residents off-guard. Streets turned into fast-flowing rivers, and low-lying areas became inundated with water.

In response to the emergency situation, the Civil Protection Authority (APC) and Timor-Leste Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste – CVTL) Disaster Response Team, swiftly activated their response mechanisms. Braving the storm and treacherous conditions, the team used loudspeakers to disseminate critical emergency warnings to the affected communities. Urging residents to stay calm, the messages emphasized the importance of moving quickly and carefully to higher ground or safe shelters. One crucial piece of advice included turning off electricity before evacuating to enhance safety measures. CVTL Disaster Response Team Alert

CVTL’s directives also highlighted the significance of safeguarding important documents during evacuation and cautioned against allowing children to play or enter fast-moving water bodies. With the aim of keeping the public informed, the Disaster Response Team emphasized the ongoing need to stay tuned to radio and television broadcasts for continuous updates. Additionally, residents were encouraged to establish contact with local authorities, including the police and village chiefs, for further assistance and guidance during this challenging period. The coordinated efforts of CVTL’s Disaster Response Team helped played a crucial role in guiding the community through this unexpected natural disaster and ensuring their safety. #End

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