IFRC Unified Plan 2024 Workshop with CVTL

Strategic Planning is necessary when determining the continued direction of CVTL. It focuses our efforts and work in supporting our mission and vision.  In early September, 2023, the CVTL participated in a three-day workshop with the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) to help us work through our priorities through the “Unified Plan Development” process.

CVTL is in the process of developing our own annual plan for 2024 and have started planning and preparing our multi-year plan which is due to be updated in 2024. To support CVTL, IFRC CCD Jakarta technical staff worked closely with CVTL staff in the workshop with brainstorming, discussion, consultation, analysis, and unified plan document drafting. This helps us in strengthening CVTL vision and mission for the future of the organization.

The clear objectives of the unified planning workshop included:

  1. Reviewing the organization management and program implementation based on CVTL’s strategic priorities;
  2. Mapping the stakeholders and developing the strategy to strengthen the engagement between CVTL and partners;
  3. Analyzing the organizational capacity, gaps and needs for development, and goals; and
  4. Identifying priorities for the strategic plan process, which can inform the Unified Plan.

The workshop was attended by all CVTL 13 Branches Coordinators, Department Coordinators and Program Managers at the CVTL NHQ, and the Secretary-General of CVTL, Mr. Luis Pedro Pinto.

The facilitators of this workshop came from the IFRC Country Cluster Delegation for Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore and Timor-Leste .

This workshop was conducted as a result of funding from the IFRC Red Ready Project.

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