Press Release CVTL – 7th National Assembly

Press Release
CVTL – 7th National Assembly

6-7 November 2020 – Every two years CVTL (Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste – Red Cross Timor-Leste) hold a National Assembly to report on the progress of activities that have been done throughout the Country.

The participants come from CVTL members and delegates from all CVTL 13 Branches; members of the CVTL National Board as well as the Youth President. Other representatives include CVTL founders, staff and volunteers.

The work of CVTL is based on the new Five-year Strategic Plan, and for this National Assembly, which included discussions and elections to choose a new region structure for the two-year period, 2020-2022.

Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste as a component of the movement of all Red Cross in the world who are members of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) as well as the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). The IFRC Representative in Timor-Leste was Mr. Macario Lopes, and ICRC representative in Timor-Leste, was Mr. João Martins. As CVTL is an auxiliary for Timor-Leste Government, which carries out humanitarian actions for vulnerable people, and was represented by the Deputy Prime Minister, Mrs. Armanda Berta dos Santos.

About Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (Red Cross Timor-Leste):

CVTL was founded on June 22, 2000. CVTL is recognized internally by the RDTL Government based on legal decision No. 6/2005. Its mandate is an auxiliary to the Timor-Leste Government to carry out humanitarian actions throughout the entire country. CVTL is recognized as the 183rd member of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. In 2020, CVTL has 159 staff and 6,157 volunteers who have contributed to CVTL since 2003 until present; CVTL has 13 Branches from 12 municipalities and the Oecusse RAEOA enclave. All activities carried out by Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste are based on the seven fundamental principles: Humanity, Impartiality, Independence, Neutrality, Unity, Universality and Voluntary Service, which are also followed by all 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies across the world.

For further information, contact:

Vidiana Xareal – Relations Externa Coordinator
Ph: +670 77355965 Email:

Agueda (Agé) M. Magno – Communications Manager
Ph.: +67073879530 Email:

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