The progress of the work done by CVTL with the Community in Tutuluro, Aituto and Manelobas Villages.

CVTL works with the community through many programs, including: Emergency Response; Water and Sanitation; Health Promotion; Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction; Livelihoods; First Aid, Youth, etc. .

These photos show the progress of the work done by CVTL with the Community in Tutuluro Village (Manufahi Municipality) and Aituto and Manelobas Villages (Ainaro Municipality).

For many years, communities have often found  it very difficult to access clean water: they (women mainly) have had to walk down  to rivers or up mountains to springs, often one or two hours each way,  to get clean water. Now in the villages Tutuluro, Aituto and Manelobas, they  no longer  have to face this arduous task as CVTL has worked with the communities to have a water system that provides  clean water with easy access to homes. .

In the past, the community would have to go to the forest or to pigsty when they needed to go to the toilet. Some children died because they were bitten by a pig when they had to defecate.  CVTL supported each household with a toilet.  Together,  CVTL and the community agreed together to make this happen: CVTL supplying toilets, cement,  and roofing iron,  and the community gave their labour and  other local materials.

As part of CVTL’s holistic approach, we also  facilitated to improve the family income through training, establishment of saving and loans groups, support for  raising chickens, music and sports materials for youth, training on basic health prevention, disaster risk reduction, etc.

This program CVTL has been able to be implemented with the community and was supported by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the IFRC and technical support (support in writing proposal, Monitoring and Evaluation etc) from the Korean Red Cross.

Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL – Red Cross Timor-Leste) was established in 2000 to attend the needs of vulnerable people and to respond emergency assistance. CVTL is the main humanitarian organization in Timor-Leste and works as an auxiliary government to respond the emergencies and vulnerable communities in Timor-Leste.

The CVTL’s Vision is: Save lives and improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people. CVTL’s Mission is to: Mobilize young people, volunteers and communities for humanitarian action across all of Timor-Leste, through a strong and sustainable organization.

August 2023

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