The Youth Camp really changed me

It has been such a privilege to be part of the Youth Camp; the things that I now know is fantastic – I feel a great change in me.  Meet Abrao Gomes, is a youth from Bikeli Village on Atauro Island, who joined the Dili Branch Youth Camp in May 2023.

I learnt so many things  and skills during the camp, and I made many new friends. I am so lucky. We learnt about hygiene and healthy environment care, reproductive health, healthy youth, nutrition, disaster prevention and much more.

I have made a commitment to myself, for all the things I have learnt at the Camp. I will not only use all this new knowledge for my own  life, but I will share it with my friends, my village, and people in the community who don’t always have an opportunity to learn these things.

I made lots of  new friends at the camp – many of the Dili Branch volunteers come from all over Timor-Leste, and some from different villages on the Island.  Spending time in the camp helped us to get to know each other really quickly. And though we have different characters,  we all accepted each other like family;  it is like I have a new extended family. I have learnt from the character of my new friends, and it helped me recognize my own weaknesses, and from that I will continue to learn.

I really hope that CVTL continues with such volunteer activities like this. And for my fellow volunteers, I encourage us all to continue with great willingness to help the vulnerable in our community. With our new knowledge we can help share the important information.

I am so happy and proud to be a volunteer.

I feel a change in me and it is a change for good. Thankyou CVTL….

From the 9th – 13th of May, Abrao, with 24 people from the villages of Beloi, Bikeli, Makadade, Makili and Vila Maumeta on Atauro Island, and 26 Volunteers  from CVTL Dili Branch, joined together for a Youth Camp with the theme focusing on under the theme of “Youth, Center of Change”. The objective of the camp was to provide participants an opportunity to develop creative and leadership skills in order to become a better member of the community and future leaders of Timor-Leste. 15 local school students also participated camp activities on recycling and climate change. # End.

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