CVTL Takes a Holistic Approach – Chief of the Aldeia of Maker

We feel we have been very lucky in our village, as thanks to CVTL we now have a really good water system, said Mr Joao de Araujo, Chief of Maker Aldeia

This was part of a bigger project of canalizing water from Maker to other Aldeias of Arlo, Atekro and Adara. In Maker, CVTL provided a toilet for every household, as well as materials and technical skills; then the community each put in a toilet at their homes.

What I love about CVTL, this project was more than bring water to our village and getting toilets. CVTL also supported and established groups for each household to perform its own composting; supported us with chickens to help us with additional incomes; established a Saving and Loans Group; taught us on how to improve the health of the community; trained us in disaster risk reduction; and established GMF (Group Maintenance Facilitators) groups to manage and monitor the water system. We also have done disaster risk reduction strategies with CVTL. I think it is a very holistic approach to use the opportunity to build on people’s skills and capacity.

Maker is a beautiful village on the north side of Atauro Area. It has no roads, no electricity, no network; but we do have water! Access is by walking or boat and we are far away from the Health Post – Beloi is 24 kilometres away with mountains in between. We have a population of about 400 – which is 104 households. We love it – but as you can see, it is very remote.

Even though Maker is remote area and hard to access, CVTL continues to bring new activities and help the communities living here. As part of the local authority here in Maker, I really want to thank CVTL for all the support and knowledge they have shared with us. Sometimes the information we have received from CVTL is the first time we have learnt about it – as often rural and remote areas miss out.  We hope that CVTL can continue to support us in the future. #End

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