Young people are the future of our country

Hi my name is Livelia Araujo, I am 18 years old and I come from Ainaro. I’ve been a CVTL volunteer for one year.

My friend had been telling me about how much they loved being a CVTL volunteer; all the things they learnt and the training they participated in. I thought – this is for me, so I registered my name to become a volunteer. I wanted to challenge myself, get some new experiences and learn to be a leader. I am gaining confidence in myself and not feeling as shy as I was before.

And look where I am now! Here I am at JUPRO. I’ve already met many new people, it’s so exciting. All the other CVTL volunteers from all 13 Branches – it makes me feel proud. Young people are the future of our country. It is so inspiring that CVTL is training young people like myself, especially to become humanitarians.

CVTL is motivating us to become young people who are healthy and productive, and CVTL teaches us to be a good person and gives us hope for the future.

I love sharing information with my friends about CVTL and the program and activities they do; I want to encourage them too to become a volunteer.

To influence young people to become a CVTL volunteers, we have training in how to convey the Mission and Vision of CVTL. This is so that young people can understand the importance of the work of CVTL, and the important role volunteers play in achieving this. This helps us to encourage young people to become volunteers.

This is my first time to attend JUPRO. We learn from others and share our experiences.

During the opening ceremony – there was a marching band with baton twirlers and gymnastics – it was so much fun. Afterwards the VIP’s and Partners came and visited all the camps of each of the Branches. The first night was the beginning of the Cultural Dance competition. So much going on – it is so exciting.

My hope for the future is that CVTL and the other National Societies, continue to support JUPRO. We learn so much, share our knowledge, meet new friends and old and most of all we have fun. I am so grateful to be here. Thank you.

Livelia Araujo is a volunteer with Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) based with Ainaro Branch, situated in the central west part of Timor-Leste She is attending the 4th CVTL Youth Camp, JUPRO (Juventude Productivu) in Baucau Municipality – with nearly 900 Red Cross volunteers from across Timor-Leste, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. The theme of this JUPRO is “Highly Effective and Sustainable Humanitarian Action”.

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