CVTL signed an Agreement with RTTL.EP about “TEBE TEBE” TV Program

Mr. Luis Pedro Pinto Secretary-General of Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) and Mr. Jose Belo “Taraleu”, President of Radio and Television Timor-Leste (RTTL.EP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) about working together on the 27th of September, 2023.

“TEBE TEBE” is a TV program that has a focus on the youth – using their talent of dancing and singing to help empower young people in Timor-Leste.

Youth unemployment is one of the serious problems in Timor-Leste, with about half the country’s population being under 18 years old and about 33% of the population between 10 and 24 years old.  With high unemployment and lack of opportunities (even for those who have completed university), CVTL plays a crucial role in working with youth. This program with RTTL can help empower youth and realise their abilities and potential.

“TEBE TEBE” TV Program, records song and dance of “Tebe Tebe”, one of traditional dances in Timor-Leste, which started in 2017. This programs approach aims to help find the talent of youth which is hidden. Empowering youth and helping them find their potential will help them become better leaders for their community and find a good path for the future.

With CVTL’s long and strong experience of working with youth across the country has turned many lives around. We hope that this program will continue to build on this, and hopefully encourage youth to join with CVTL as volunteers.

The MoU also committed to promoting our activities, especially in relation Disaster Risk Reduction and Water Projects for vulnerable communities. We will continue to tackle social problems in Timor-Leste for humanitarian action across the country to help improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people.

TEBE TEBE will be implemented in six Municipalities including Manufahi, Ainaro, Viqueque, Ermera, Oecussi and Lautem.

You can watch the signing of the MoU which was broadcasted on RTTL here.

For further information, contact CVTL Youth Department

Phone: +670 7317 2613






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