CVTL attended 5th Pacific Finance Forum

The Finance Manager Network (FMN) was started in 2017 with the support of Pacific Red Cross-National Society Secretary Generals and Presidents, who had committed to maintaining audited financial accounts up-to-date to demonstrate improved accountability and transparency and enable financial sustainability.

The 4th Pacific Finance Managers Forum was held in Nadi, Fiji in October 2022 and hosted by Cook Island Red Cross. Feedback from the five-day face-to-face event showed that Network members felt they had a better understanding of their role, are more comfortable with some of the tasks and feel confident to prepare the Finance Development Action Plan for their National Society. They have built connections between other FMN members and are more comfortable to reach out to each other for support in future. They understood the purpose of the FMN and set network goals for the future.

With this, CVTL’s  Finance Deputy Mr. Domingos da Costa Oliveira attended the 5th Pacific Finance Managers Forum in Apia, Samoa. The forum is held from 20-26 September 2023, with financial support from Australian Red Cross.

This event builds on the work of the Pacific Finance Managers’ Network to strengthen transparency, financial capacity and accountability. The forum provided finance staff the opportunity to develop technical skills in a facilitated workshop environment and to link with peers to further develop a support network to address finance challenges together.

The objectives of the forum included: Progress the Finance Managers Network goals, Strengthening the Network, improving finance resources in the region, improving finance knowledge in the national societies, developing a suggested standard set of finance reporting for SGs and Boards, and a training session for finance teams on how to read the reports.

We hope that through this forum, it will improve and strengthen CVTL’s funding system. This forum was facilitated by Samoa Red Cross Society and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

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