3 day Media Dialogue and First Aid Training with Timor-Leste Journalists from 10 media organisations joined the CVTL training that was supported by ICRC

Dili 19 – 21 /3/24 – Sirens are blaring and victims are sprawled out on the ground – a simulation activity is in process to see what its actually like to respond to an emergency situation. Life-like wounds of a serious broken leg, head trauma, a metal rod pierced through and arm; burns, broken limbs – there is a lot of fake blood. It is like a movie set at CVTL NHQ, but this as real as it can be in a simulation – and all the while people are running everywhere. Victims screaming out in pain, sirens continue to blare out… This is the final session in a three-day “Media Dialogue and First Aid Training” for journalists in Dili Timor-Leste. The simulation activity, puts the participants into a “real” situation – and gives them a chance to practice what they have been learning in a stressful situation. 

It’s been an active three days, with participants learning the history of Red Cross; the role of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in conflict and natural disasters; and the work that CVTL does across the country in all 13 municipalities. This was followed by an intensive 2 ½ day hands-on training on the Basics of First Aid. 19 journalists (Female – 12 & Male 7) from Dili from 10 media organisations, with four of CVTL highly experienced First Aid Trainers.

The aim of this training is to continue in building CVTL’s relationship with journalists (and to provide basic first aid training). We hope that this training will give journalists a strong understanding of both the activities of CVTL; and a stronger grasp of the role of CVTL in times of emergencies which will in turn the hopeful outcome of getting more informed stories in the media to promote CVTL. 

“CVTL, in collaboration with the ICRC, organizes these first aid training sessions for journalists to enhance their knowledge of first aid, especially in conflict situations, natural disasters, and normal situations such as accidents. I believe this cooperation must continue so that all journalists have the necessary knowledge of first aid to help themselves, their institutions, and the communities they serve. Timor-Leste media has become a good partner with the CVTL, becoming an important factor in disseminating information to the community to ensure everyone’s safety”, said the Secretary-General of CVTL, Luis Pedro Pinto.

João Martins Alves, Head of Office for the International Federation for Red Cross (IFRC) Timor-Leste; Isabel Fernades representative for the Timor-Leste Press Council; and Luis Pedro Pinto – CVTL Secretary General, opened the training and talked about the importance of media and CVTL working together and have a clear understanding of CVTL mandate – especially in times of disaster and conflict.

CVTL would like to thank ICRC for supporting this CVTL activity.

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