Baseline Monitoring Survey Conducted in Covalima by CVTL and American Red Cross

May 23, 2024 – Covalima: A dedicated team from the CVTL NHQ, including staff and volunteers from NHQ and 3 branches, along with the American Red Cross (AmCross) interim country representative Mr. Sazad Ansari and Ms. Isma, Design Monitoring Evaluation Research and Learning (DMERL) expert, conducted an initial baseline monitoring in Covalima, Bobonaro, and Ermera Municipality. The primary aim of this initiative was to survey households and students to assess their knowledge about disaster risk reduction and preparedness in their villages.

The comprehensive monitoring activity was designed to gather vital data on the community’s understanding and preparedness for potential disasters. The surveys focused on evaluating the awareness levels and readiness of both households and students in facing emergencies. This information is crucial for developing effective strategies and educational programs to enhance disaster risk reduction efforts in these municipalities.

Supported by funding from the American Red Cross, this baseline monitoring is a pivotal step in a broader initiative aimed at strengthening community resilience. By identifying current knowledge gaps and preparedness levels, the CVTL and AmCross teams can tailor their interventions to better address the specific needs of each community. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of international cooperation in mitigating disaster risks.

During the monitoring, the teams engaged directly with community members, conducting face-to-face surveys that provided valuable insights into the local perceptions of disaster risks and preparedness measures. The involvement of students in this process highlights the emphasis on educating the younger generation, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle emergencies.

The data collected from this baseline monitoring will inform future programs and actions, ensuring that disaster risk reduction strategies are effectively implemented. By fostering a well-informed and prepared community, the CVTL and AmCross aim to reduce the impact of disasters and enhance the overall safety and resilience of the municipalities of Covalima, Bobonaro, and Ermera.

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